Scholar’s Library in upstate New York, Peter Gluck Architects

May 19, 2008 at 12:59 am

I believe I finally came across a visualization of what I imagine to be the perfect working space, something that concerns me a lot. What I would produce hugely depends on the ambiance in which I work. Having grown determined to create the perfect working place for myself, I discovered what it should look like it in the photograph of this office space, created by Gluck Partners in 2004 in Olive Bridge (Catskills mountains) for a Japanese scholar. It is pictured in a book we bought at the modern furniture department of Bon Marché in Paris, Library Design, which contains scoores of other inspiring images for people like myself who live with books, DVDs and CDs all around.

I am longing to enter this office, open my computer, and start writing. The minimalist clutter-free space, the clear surface of the desk, the books — present yet tucked away below the level of the desk, and thus not domineering, and, the most important element, the wide clean window through which one sees trees.

Now that I have found what I want, my next biggest hurdle toward creating a space like this for myself is finding the place. I have to think up a way to somehow reconcile the location where I live with what I really like. I am now based in a village on the shores of the North Sea in Scotland, a lovely place which many people would find most beautiful. But I like to be surrounded by trees, and in this respect my ideal place would be somewhere around Muskoka lake or some other Ontario lake (or upstate New York, for that matter). Yes, I do have view of the sea from my window, and the skies and the golf spaces in Scotland are so beautiful. However, there are not many trees around, and certainly no houses are built among the trees even where they exist. I still ponder on how to resolve my need to see trees through the window. How can I combine a country I love (Scotland) with a landscape I need (Ontario)?

© Dina Iordanova
19 May 2008