Jump Cut, Issue 50

May 30, 2008 at 1:12 am

Julia Lesage

An email sent from Oregon by Julia Lesage reminds me that the new issue of Jump Cut is now available online.

This time it includes sections on Arab representations in Hollywood, on classical and more recent Latin American cinema, a selection of writings on popular European film (including a text on my childhood idol, DEFA’s Gojko Mitic), on Chinese and Australian cinema, as well as on American indies.

In existence since 1974 and facing the difficulties of limited distribution, over the decades Jump Cut has maintained highest standards of scholarship and political committment. Featuring the work of contributors such as E. Ann Kaplan, Jane Gaines, Julianne Burton, and many other leading film scholars (not least the late Bill Van Wert, a man who introduced me to many great texts of world cinema), it has become a really great resource for radical thinking on cinema. All back issues are now archived and available on-line for free access. A great resource!