Cinema of the Balkans (2006) ed. Dina Iordanova

July 4, 2008 at 1:05 am

Putting together the concept of this book, finding authors and editing the contributions took twice the time I would spend if I were doing a monograph. Looking back now, however, I am proud of having engaged in this scholarly effort. The cinema of the Balkan region remains little known and unexplored, even though films from Romania, Greece, and the countries of former Yugoslavia have been the focal point of international attention. Looking through the contents of this anthology, I see that only one film, Cacoyannis’ Stella with Melina Mercouri, is available on DVD. All the others are still to be released, seen more widely, and appreciated.

Here is the list of films which we included and had covered in this volume, meant to highlight the cinema of the Balkans.

Stella (1995, Michael Cacoyannis) by Dan Georgakas
Ti ekanes ston polemo, Thanassi?/ What Did You Do in the War, Thanassis?
(1971, Dinos Katsuridis) by Stratos Constantiidis
Evdokia (1971, Aleksis Damianos) by John Papargyris
Petrina chronia/ Stone Years (1985, Pantelis Voulgaris) by Dan Georgakas
I earini synaxis ton Agrofylakon/ The Four Seasons of the Law
(1999, Dimos Avdeliodis) by Vassiliki Tsitsopoulou

Tri/ Tree (1965, Aleksandar Petrovic) by Vlastimir Sudar
Kad budem mrtav i beo/ When I am Dead and Pale (1968, Zivojin Pavlovic) by Pavl Levi
Rani radovi/ Early Works (1969, Zelimir Zilnik) by Marina Grzinic
Valter brani Sarajevo/ Walter Defends Sarajevo (1972, Hajrudin Krvavac) by Rada Sesic
Splav Meduze/ The Raft of Meduza
(Karpo Godina, 1980) by Svetlana Slapsak
Petrijin Venac/ Petrija’s Wreath (Srdjan Karanovic, 1980) by Nevena Dakovic
Pad Italije/ The Fall of Italy (1981, Lordan Zafranovic) by Margot Rohringer
Crveniot konj/ The Red Horse (1981, Stole Popov) by Dina Iordanova
Lepota poroka/ The Beauty of Sin
(1986, Zivko Nikolic) by NIkola Mijovic

Padurea spinzuratilor/ Forest of the Hanged
(1964, Liviu Ciulei) by Marian Tutui
Mihai Viteazul/ Michael the Brave (1970-71, Sergiu Nicolaescu) by Anne Jaeckel
Nunta de piatra/ Stone Wedding (1972, Mircea Veroiu and Dan Pita) by Adina Bradeanu
Proba de microfon/ Microphone Test (1980, Mircea Daneliuc) by Adina Bradeanu

Kradetsat na praskovi/ The Peach Thief (1964, Vulo Radev) by Alexander Grozev
Koziyat rog/ Goat’s Horn (1972, Methodi Andonov) by Alexander Grozev
Lachenite obuvki na neznayniya voin/ Patent Leather Shoes of the Unknown Soldier (1979, Rangel Vulchanov) by Alexander Grozev
Mera spored mera/ Measure for Measure (1981, Georgi Djulgerov) by Alexander Grozev

Kthimi i ushtrise se vdekur/ Return of the Dead Army (1989, Dhimiter Anagnosti) by Dina Iordanova
Tirana Year Zero (2001, Fatmir Koci) by Andrew Horton